PhD Doctor Vu specialises in Dermatology, and together with the top Doctors and Scientists of USA, has researched and produced the natural skin care cosmeceuticals formula.

Our products are tailored for all skin types to maintain a youthful glow of beautiful, smooth, and radiant skin, addressing skin cosmetic problems from their root cause.

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Suitable for age 30-50 or younger skin having mild problems.

Best choice for a SUPERB beautifying transformation on visual signs of premature aging skin such as wrinkles, large pores, sagging, dryness, thin skin, and loss of firmness

YB & SB. Suitable for age over 50 or younger skin having problems.

Best choice for a MOST TRANSFORMED beautifying effect on visual signs of premature aging skin such as wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, thin skin, sagging, large pores, and loss of firmness.

Y4E - Forever Young:

Suitable for age under 30 or skin not having any problems.

Best choice for a DELUXE BEAUTIFICATION of visual signs of prematurely aging, sun-damaged, exhausted and tired skin focusing on large pores, dryness, red spots and blemishes.


Our Commitment to Quality


Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals provides the most effective and safe natural products, no chemicals. 
Our multi-award winning doctors and scientists apply the latest results from biotechnological Medical research and use the ultra-pure active ingredients in the development of the state of the art skin care products.
We produce the highest quality of the cosmetic emulsions part of our products by only use the highest quality raw materials from the world leading companies.


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