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At Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals, skin care products are created on a solid advanced biomedical science foundation. Using cutting edge biomedical science knowledge and technologies, the goal of Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals’ skin care products is to bring your skin back to the most beautiful time you've ever had.

Despite of a huge effort of scientific research during 20th century, the cause of skin issue such as premature aging and disfiguring discoloration is still not completely understood. The 21st century begins a new biomedical research era. The completion of Human Genome Project has revealed the complete genetic codes of human genome and consequently allows scientists to predict that human cells can express more than 23,000 proteins that are encoded by about 23,000 genes in the whole genome. This knowledge about the human genome has the potential to fundamentally change our most basic perceptions of our biological world and opens a new age of discovery that will transform human health.


Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals’ scientists have used modern biomedical technology such as DNA microarray and discovered that skin cells indeed express thousands of different molecules. A large number of these molecules are functioning as ligands and receptors that help these cells to communicate to one another. The communication between cells and the control of cellular activities utilize several biochemical steps or pathways via several molecules. The finding gives light to the better understanding of the nature of the skin biology and pathophysiology. Problems of skin such as premature aging and complicated skin troubles probably involve the activity of several genes.  Thus may explain the failure of single-target therapy in treatment of these problems.


Based on several latest scientific discoveries, Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals’ scientists postulated novel skin science concepts that may explain many contemporary questions about the skin nature. We base on these novel concepts to develop new effective skin care products. We also learn the precious knowledge of thousand-year old traditional medicine and the safe and effectiveness of natural ingredients from botanical herbs and the phytochemical structures of these ingredients. We have envisioned the structural relationship between these phytochemicals and known ligands and receptors in the cell, thus create a state of art of formulation to produce the most effective skin care products.

Unlike several different skin care product lines on the market that use almost the same cream and lotion ordered from some same chemical companies as “private labeling products”, Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals produces complete products exclusively in its own laboratories. Besides expertise in dermatological science, Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals scientists also expert in chemistry, biochemistry, and biophysic. With the company's unique technologies, we develop our own cream, gel, lotion and solution that are very rich that make our skincare products even more superior.

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