The Journey To Discovering The Secrets of Skin Cells

Dr. Vu Thuong Nguyen,

Founder,Head of Research & Development of Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals, Inc, 
Founder, Head of Research & Development of La Belle Cosmeceuticals, Inc. 



As an Investigative Dermatology Pioneer Dr. Nguyen has lead his Research and Development team to create unique, effective skin care products for Dr Vu Cosmecuticals and La Belle Cosmeceuticals.


There is an old saying that "pathology is the mother of medicine." Diseases and pathology are why we have medicine and biomedical research. Correctly identifying a disease and the various processes each disease undergoes as it develops is the basis of most of the works that Dr. Nguyen has done in his career. 


As a graduate of University of California at Berkeley and Davis campuses and an Investigative Dermatology Pioneer, Dr. Nguyen has lead his Research and Development team to create unique, effective skin care products for Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals. Over 20 years Dr. Nguyen has worked ceaselessly to advance our knowledge into the vast unknowns of the nature of skin biology and pathology. 

He is the lead author of a group of doctors from University of California and Mayo Clinic in Minnesota who first described the Paraneoplastic Autoimmune Multiorgan Syndrome (PAMS) and its immunopathology A. This is a rare but very important lethal disease in dermatology, which has the clue for epigenome research on the causes of cancer and autoimmune disease.


Also, he is the first scientist who discovered and cloned important human molecules including Desmoglein 4 B, C, D, nonneuronal cholinergic receptors Annexin A9 (Pemphaxin) E  and Alpha 9 acetylcholine receptor F, and their roles in the biology and pathophysiology of skin cells. These molecules have critical roles in the growth, differentiation and communication of skin cells, and the development of skin and hairs. He also discovered novel therapeutic mechanisms of a 

sulfone drug and glucocorticosteroid, the most common medication that is used in treatment of skin diseases G, H.


Dr. Nguyen made these discoveries while he studies the pathogenesis of pemphigus, another rare but very important potential lethal skin disease in which patients develop autoantibodies against their own skin. These autoantibodies give scientists clue to know better the way skin cells communicate to one another via adhesion molecules. Exploring the secrets of skin cells through studying these important diseases is invaluable for the attempt to create new products for a better skin.


Dr. Nguyen has authored many original scientific publications that have been published in the world’s most prestigious biomedical journals in general medicine and in the field of dermatology such as Achieve of Dermatology, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Cell Science, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Clinical Investigation, and Cell, etc.


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