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Large Skin Pores And Acne Scars

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Large sweat and sebaceous gland-pores can be acquired or genetically linked. The pores can enlarge due to stress and changes in body hormones. During puberty sebaceous glands enlarge and excessively produce sebum (lipids) and keratins in hair follicles. Excess keratin increases the cohesion between dead skin cells, preventing them from normal shedding and thus blocks the pores. Subsequently, lipids and cellular debris accumulate within the blocked follicles and enlarge the follicle openings. The blocked follicles can resolve spontaneously leaving large pores; or get infected with bacteria provoking inflammatory response and develops acne and may leave scars after resolved.




Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals aims to resolve the cosmetic issues of large pores and acne scars by:

1)- Prevent the development of large pores and acne

2)- Clearing blocked pores to release the accumulating lipid and cellular debris, and

3)-Smoothes the skin after large pores and acne scars have developed.

Microscopically, unlike small skin pores, the epidermal-dermal junction at the opening of large pores are strongly undulated suggesting an alteration in the development, communication, and activities of keratinocytes and fibroblasts at the junction as a cause of large pores and post-acne scars. Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals’ therapeitic approach aims to normalize the epidermal-dermal junction activities by a sophisticate complex of natural active ingredients to correct these cosmetic issues.


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