Active Ingredients

Y4E Night Treatment Cream is specially designed for for a DELUXE BEAUTIFICATION of visual signs of prematurely aging, tired, sun-damaged and exhausted skin focusing on large pores, dryness, red spots and blemishes. The cream contains unique vesicles “Nanotransfersome” that carry natural active ingredients deep into the skin, powerfully hydrate, replenish antioxidants and vitamins to restore and maintain skin’s smoothness, firmness, luminosity, radiance, and youthful allure. Results visible within 1-6 weeks. Y4E collection of skin care products are the best choice for ladies in the years of 30 or younger.

For ladies who need faster results, Dr Vu product line is the choice. After achieving your desired beautifying transformation, you can continue to use Dr Vu or switch to Y4E product line to maintain your beautiful skin.

Can be used as a night massage cream.

Directions: Apply once or twice daily to clean skin. Gently massage your face by gliding your fingertips with inside-out then circular motions for 1 or 2 minutes. Can be used before moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin, use every other day for 1 to 2 weeks, working up to daily use.

Perfect for most skin types.

It is not a miracle; it is the true science behind beauty!

Y4E Night Treatment

  • NET. 1.06 oz / 30 gm
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